India is keeping a close watch on Chinese activities and its financial influence taking place in Sri Lanka under the name of strategic partnership, a leading Indian politician claimed.

Attorney-at-Law Vanathi Srinivasan, Vice President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Tamil Nadu says that India is keeping a close watch on Chinese activities taking place in the island nation and the pro-Chinese activities of the Sri Lankan government.

She made these remarks during an interview with the Veerakesari weekend newspaper.

Srinivasan points out that the arrival of a high-level Chinese delegation to Sri Lanka following discussions between the Prime Ministers of India and Sri Lanka confirms that the Rajapaksa government is beginning to work closely with China.

She also said that China was violating the North Indian border and was working closely with Sri Lanka.

The BJP representative said that there is a high possibility that the intense pressure from the Indian central government on the Indo-Lanka Accord and the settlement of ethnic issues, would further push Sri Lanka towards a pro-Chinese stance.

She added that the Indian government should focus on China’s investment in the South of Sri Lanka, and the role of Tamil representatives in the Sri Lankan government.

Meanwhile, Srinivasan further said that Central Government Minister Nitin Gadkari has initiated plans to construct a bridge between Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.

During the interview, she said that she has expedited the establishment of a boat service between Karaikal and Kankesanthurai. The BJP Vice President has also made remarks about flights between Palaly and India, the newspaper report said.