The new government has embarked on a digital land data infrastructure and information services system duplicating the efforts of the Survey General's Department on going land Information System (LIS) with MCC land registry digitalization offer of USD 67.3 million still hanging on the balance.

The Cabinet of Ministers has granted their approval for the proposal submitted by the Minister of Lands to establish a 'digital land data infrastructure and information services system' with Korean funding worth USD 60.3 million, subject to the recommendations from the Sri Lanka Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA).

The establishment of the control network of the Survey Department of Sri Lanka utilizing novel technology would speed up the process of its survey activities and enhance productivity, the state information office said.

Accordingly, the requirement to establish a land information service system with modified infrastructure facilities has been identified to enable those who utilize the service to use those resources conveniently, it further stated.

It is unclear as to how this new system is going to facilitate the ongoing Land Information System (LIS) and land registry programme of the country, mandated by the Survey Act No. 17 of 2002, an official source said.

Production and Dissemination of parcel based land information as a dynamic system through the Internet open avenues towards drastic changes in Location Based Trends (LBT) for new thinking among the generations in use of geo-spatial data.

LIS is a 'tool for legal, administrative and economic decision making support and an aid for planning and development, which consists of a database containing spatially referenced land related data for a defined area and procedures and techniques for the systematic collection, updating, processing and distribution'.

The digital geo-spatial data collected for preparation of Cadastral Maps have been processed to create a parcel based LIS and attributed with Tenement Information, collected for the requirements for issue of land titles.

Under this set up ,the new Korean digital land data infrastructure and information services system will complicate the ongoing Land Information System (LIS), experts in surveying and leveling industry said.