The first-ever countrywide provincial mobile service has been launched to solve the complaints of the electricity consumers with the participation of more than 500 electricity consumers in Southern Province, official sources said.

This programme was initiated by the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL), the electricity sector regulator together with the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and Lanka Electricity Company Private Limited (LECO)

The mobile service will be held in all 09 provinces addressing any electricity complaints of the consumers and offering them with a solution or a procedure then and there.

It will share the regulatory tools with the consumers who seek information, introduce the new services by utility providers, provide new electricity connections, etc, PUCSL announced.  

The launching ceremony of the mobile service in the Southern province was held in Galle on 17th September 2020.

According to the statistics of the Southern province mobile service, about 500 complaints were received and solutions were provided to all the issues on the spot at the premises.

Most of the complaints were about wayleaves, electricity supply to block-out (auctioned) lands, meter shifting, new connection and name changing of the electricity connections.

PUCSL received 865 of electricity complaints from January to September 2020 compared to 1382 electricity complaints received for the same period 2019.

PUCSL was able to facilitate 1244 electricity complaints from January to September 2020. The majority of the complaints were about the issues with regard to wayleave, billing, new connections, meter related and electricity quality related.

The next stop of the mobile service will be Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa in the month of November addressing the issues of electricity consumers of the North Central province in Sri Lanka.