A minor group of banned LTTE sympathizers has demanded the Canadian government to impose sanctions against Sri Lanka pushing the country into economic abyss, informed international sources revealed.

Conservative MP Garnet Genuis has submitted a plea to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to declare sanctions against Sri Lanka considering the acts of genocide against the Tamil community and the disappearances of people in the island nation.

He has also informed that a protest march of a large number of Canadian Tamil citizens has been launched demanding an investigation into disappearances of people in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan-Tamil diaspora sympathized with the LTTE is now actively engaged in politics in Canada exerting pressure on the government of that country to recognize the cause of a banned tiger organisation, informed international sources disclosed.

The Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) said the Tamil people’s struggle for democratic rights in Sri Lanka has a long history and since independence, the desire of Tamils to live as a free people has not been diminished.

“The hallmark of the present political culture in Sri Lanka is the absence of the rule of law, a compromised judiciary, a submissive press and the militarisation of the executive.

The current political structure is not conducive for meaningful change in the future for the establishment of a just and equitable society, CTC said.  

The Tamil diaspora is also lobbying the Canadian government to declare the month of May as the "Tamil Genocide Awareness"  month while continuing their campaign to propagate anti Sri Lanka sentiment in that country, especially in Ontario.

Toronto District School Board passed a unanimous resolution in June 2020 recommending Ministry of Education to introduce “Genocide” in Sri Lanka as a Grade 11 subject.

Vijay Thanigasalam MP, a member of the Ontario Provincial government has moved a private member bill titled "Tamil Genocide Education Week Act" in the Ontario Parliament.

Thanigasalam is from the ruling Conservative Party. He also is a staunch supporter of LTTE and had many tributes to Prabhakaran who he called his leader.

The Bill currently sits with Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills with no fixed date for third reading, which if passed will become law allowing a “Tamil Genocide Education Week” on Sri Lanka.

The member community has made requests to present submissions against the Bill, if called for an inquiry before third reading. Yet the process allows unfettered discretion for the Committee to determine whether to hold an inquiry or which witnesses to call, if any.

Several other cities like Mississauga, Markham also issued statements in support of Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day. Canadian Sri Lankans also launched a petition against Bill 1 and proclamations.

As the passing of Bill failed to proceed as planned, the extremists found a backdoor to promote their separatist agenda, sources said.

In May 2020, three school boards, Peel District School Board, York Region School Board and Toronto District School Board, issued social media messages recognizing and “embracing” Tamil Genocide.

They feared that Canadian students of Sri Lankan origin will bear the brunt of the anger of Tamil students if the school board wide Tamil Genocide remembrance programs were held not to mention the harassment, ridicule and bullying the Sri Lankan children would face as a result.